Welcome!!! I’m so glad to meet you. Suisun City is the Jewel of Solano County. My husband and I have chosen this beautiful city to dig our feet in and raise our children and grandchildren here. The 2020’s have been rough for Suisun but I believe the people are steadfast and fighting for it.

I am your chosen candidate.

Katrina, what do you stand for? Katrina, what are your values?

Simply put, strengthening the family unit, improving communication systems, and continued economic development.

My Current PLATFORMS in detail

1) Improve Communications between the City and Residents.

• Suisun City needs to expedite completing it’s website.

• Utilize current marketing strategies for announcements to reach the public.

2) Continue Forwarding Economic Development

• Support small business and open spaces.

• Balance the budget by innovative actions to bring revenue

3) Encourage and Strengthen the Family Unit

• Utilize the expertise of our age-friendly generation

• Support and expand street repair, fire and police services, so our town is a safe place to raise a family.

• Consider options such as creative events and other opportunities that bring together public school, charter school, and home school children.

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