Unique Qualifications

Homeschool Consultant Coordinator

Suisun has become so much more than just our forever home; it’s where I explore, engage and give back. As an Air Force Veteran’s daughter who was born in the Philippines but traveled all around the world, this community truly provides me with a unique experience of resourcefulness that continuously propels us forward together as one. From being one of Adopt-A-Neighborhood’s founding members to serving on Suisun City Police Department and Public Safety/Emergency Management Committees – my loyalty lies here in furthering safety initiatives for beautifying neighborhoods through connection & collaboration.

As an independent contractor, I developed public workshops on nutrition and meal prep for the Kroc Center and Suisun Library.

As your City Council member, I will bring our values into action. My background in mental health and education help me understand the need for more activities for our youth as well as implementing them. As a small business owner and my background in marketing, I can find innovative ways to support small businesses and open spaces.

As a devoted member of the community and loving mother, I am excited to be applying for a City Council position. Throughout my life, I have seen firsthand how local government can impact everyday people’s lives. From bringing services and resources to individuals in need to working hard to foster economic growth. Since living in Suisun City, I have seen the need for responsible use of public funds which has resonated deeply with me. Long before this opportunity became available, I found myself striving to make our city better—from participating in philanthropy activities with my family at various organizations across the city, serving as a volunteer; my commitment to service is unwavering. My experiences within these capacities have all taught me invaluable lessons about being part of a team—the importance of collaboration on behalf of others—and given me insight into what it takes for meaningful progress through systemic change. This post intends to explain why this background makes me an ideal candidate for the council seat, one that is devotedly dedicated towards inspiring lasting improvements within our beloved community.

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